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Insurance Companies are in the business of collecting premiums and then using that money to pay claims. Tragically, many Insurance Companies collect our money and then use their wealth and power to ignore their duty and deny legitimate claims.

        I was a lawyer for these Big Insurance Companies for many years and I know how they operate.  What I learned was that they are a highly sophisticated organization, with skilled and crafty employees who do not listen to reason to find fairness if it interferes with The Companys balance sheet. 

        Until a lawyer gets involved, ordinary people have very little chance of getting  what they are owed.

        Insurance Companies have a duty to fairly investigate claims and to pay legitimate claims promptly and without demanding compromises from my clients.  My duty is to hold these Insurance Companies to faithfully discharge their legal obligation and to treat my clients fairly and with dignity .

        Nothing short of full and fair compensation is what I expect  from these rascals.